Below is a small selection of your words from around the world about The Indian Debating Union’s painstaking voluntary work. Thank you for this graciousness, kindness, & love:


Jason J A friend of mine sent me this video and it is simply WOW! I have been in the Toastmasters Club in Canada for the last 14 years and NEVER, I mean NEVER have I been blown away. I don’t know if it is the music or the catchy script… I would like to bow down to you with respect Japanese style.

MrKingpenguin123 I am a member of the Oxford Union. This video was fantastic. Do not hesitate to get into contact with the ODU or Oxford to come and be a guest speaker as people like you is why I am so passionate about rhertoric and as a debator of several years I think it would be great to see you.

Bhanu Chandran Wonderfully creative, Abhaey! Better than and more meaningful than Gagnam….WAY TO GO!!! Hope you come up with more! Thank you from Bangalore, India.

Sangeeta Waddwanee I love the crispness, the sang froid, the message and the medium… Hope this becomes Gangnam Style raised to 100. They should play this on channels which broadcast parliament sessions….God Bless.

JimmyDontSmoke To all the people that listen to drake or lil wayne… This is rap. Sticking it to the man.

sassylove314 This is perhaps the best musical marketing strategy ever! Way to go IDU.

Unknown I am seriously impressed by this video, and even more so by the words to this rhapsody. Very inspiring!!! My respect to all of you;

moditanmay Brilliant! Someone thought of a rap that promotes civil debate? So darn good to see this video going viral. Nearly 1.5 million views in less than 1 week tells me there are people out there who want such meaningful brain food. At some level, such interest is bound to lead to positive, constructively-patriotic, collective societal action. I salute this excellently put-together effort.

JenniferMayton54451 Wow you should be on Ellen !

mayah krishnakumar I can’t stop listening to this! This is so awesome. Wish the real situation was like this. Waiting for the day we’ll have intelligent debates..intelligent thoughts and talks. I love talking, debates. And I know a few people who have strong opinions and would love to stage it. This idea, of making it a rap, is mind blowing! -Respect-

Michael Ryan It is too rare to see a work like this from an artist so clear

Shashank Chatterjee dis is dope man!!!! loved the lyrics…..never knew the “truth” cud b said in such a melodious way…..way to go!!


taslima nasreen ‏@taslimanasreen You are gorgeous and your video is spectacular. Sophisticated Elegance. Talk it out! Indian Rap.  #Kauzala.

dilip cherian ‏@DILIPtheCHERIAN Stunning desi Video on civil debate goes #viral w over 1.5 million views now #Talkitout

Harry Taylor ‏@HPTaylor6ft6 Words not swords. An interesting point of view from India: Talk It Out – Debaters’ Rhapsody 

Amanda Bergstrom ‏@Mindsite_ab … Watch this for a reminder about what democracy means for us all. Talk out your ideas. Argue. Debate. PEACE.

NFL/Forensic League ‏@NFLspeechdebate Thanks for sharing this Joanne! Hey @ScottWunn, when can we make one of these for the National Forensic League? 

Jim Doxtdator ‏@Peacebuilder1 There is hope for civility in politics. 

Pedro Rivera Rdz. ‏@periquin94 @Abhaey Just amazing song. Is your first song?

Mayank Sharma ‏@geekybodhi Now here’s something you don’t hear everyday – a rap song on the virtues of civil debate: …


Debattierklub Wien (Vienna Debaters’ Club) This is simply brilliant. Props, to Abhaey Singh and the Indian Debating Union for this rap.

Julian Vaterrodt  So f*****g genius and it even has the perfect length. 7:10 🙂

Kathy Smithers Stumbled upon your video. I heartily agree and fully embrace your message. Well done. A brilliant message delivered in perfect form.

Mansha Gill f**k… in the age of idiotic and stupid daily soaps… u r giving us this… u are a god sent! love u, and ur work..

Petar Boyadzhiev great video for conveying the message, good humor too. looking forward yo your first int. debate next year!

Akash Behl awesome! stumped!

Pavan Kumar C Creativity at its best…

Vijayabhaskaran Sankaran This is an awesome idea which is really going viral. I got this video from a Canadian friend…  appreciate your initiative.

Gayathri Ramanujam Excellent vision… to discuss civil debate. And a brilliant effort of spreading the concept to reach people. Impressive and very inspiring!

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For someone who has never liked debating, the IDU’s first debate was a revelation and has completely changed my opinion of debating in one evening! It was gripping from start to finish, and I really would have liked it to have gone on even longer! The audience was very emotionally involved, and the calibre and patriotism of the young debaters gives you so much hope and optimism. The event as a whole was also very entertaining, in the most positive, endearing way. Well done on an exceptional first show. Brigadier Raj Manchanda, Former Indian Army & Six-times Indian squash champion

The Indian Debating Union’s debate, for me, was a wonderfully stimulating experience to witness a heartfelt and thought provoking series of short speeches by such a talented, sincere and passionate set of speakers. The high points for me were the moving closing speeches and the extended audience Q&A session in which the public were involved with true intensity! Shibani Kashyap, Chart Topping Indian Singer

The Indian Debating Union is a timely body, one that underscores a pressing need to move away from bubble gum TV and print material and instead, put issues of national interest in a formatted, disciplined forum before a live audience. Their event showcased a talented, dedicated team of speakers committed to a better tomorrow. Sangeeta Wadwannee, Executive Editor, Hello India / BBC – Times of India

Congratulations on the debate! Excellent event – incredibly inspiring & thought provoking. Irina Kholkina, Senior Consultant, Parthenon Group

Debating has finally come of age in India with topics that will make the conscience of citizens of India come alive, and speakers who speak their heart out with strong viewpoints. A must attend! Siddharth Kannan, Indian RJ & TV presenter 

I thoroughly enjoyed this awesome debate! It was a lot of fun, in addition to being very stimulating. I cannot wait until the next debate. Dr. Harshna Bijlani, Mumbai-based professional

I had the best experience of my life! Congrats and thanks to the Indian Debating Union. Varun Vinod Solanki, Student/Entrepreneur

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