Watch These 3 Amazing Ladies Singing Indian Film (Bollywood) Love Songs

November 14, 2016 |

Watch these 3 amazing Western ladies singing heart-warming love songs from Indian films.

Turn up the volume and enjoy!

1. Natalie Di Luccio, Canada. Natalie started singing Indian film songs as a hobby, and uploaded her videos to YouTube, gaining her widespread popularity from millions of views. She was invited by Oscar and Grammy award winning music musician A.R. Rahman – described by Time Magazine as the world’s most prominent music composer – to sing in India. The rest is history; Natalie is now a popular singer in India, and this is one of the many Indian songs she has sung in her unique and beautiful style:


2. Unknown young lady, from unknown place, with angelic voice singing another Hindi film love song.


3. Terry Mardy, England. Another angelic voice singing yet another popular Hindi film love song.

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